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Battery Tips

Battery Tips

Modern batteries are designed to give long and trouble free life. The length of this life, however, is dependent on the manner in which the battery is treated in service.

  • A battery should be kept clean.
  • A battery should be kept correctly charged.
  • A battery should have the electrolyte kept at the correct level.
  • A battery should not be exposed to excessive shocks or vibrations.

Insufficient Charging

  • Fan belt loose.
  • Any one of the Stator winding fails.
  • If a Diode burns and opens the circuit.
  • If a Diode fails and allows AC to pass then it causes unpredictable behaviors of various sensors and processors. AC ripple is harmful for battery.
  • Worn out Slip rings or spring loaded brushes of the Rotor.

To much voltage

  • Failure happens when the charge controller fails.
  • Battery gets overcharged and failure of various electrical components in the car
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