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Battery Do's & Dont's

Battery Do's & Dont's


  • Fill each cell up to upper level which battery grade sulphuric acid of Sp Gr.1.260+0.01@25C
  • For better activation cranking allow battery to stand 20 minutes after filling.
  • Keep the battery surface clean and dry.
  • Protects terminals with Petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion.
  • Check electrotype level periodically and acid only distilled water to restore the upper level.
  • Ensure that cable clamps are fixed tightly.
  • Before filling the battery, check the electrical system of the vehicle.
  • Check your charging system periodically and be sure that your battery get proper charging
  • Recharge battery if vehicle left idle for a prolonged period of time & when light and horn are weak.


  • Do not remove the sealing tape on the vent plug until the battery is ready for filling acid.
  • Do not over fill acid above the upper level.
  • While fixing the cable clamps to the terminal posts prevent strong hitting on the posts.
  • Never add acid to restore the upper level.
  • Keep away explosive materials /gases from the battery
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