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Increase Life of Battery

Increase Life of Battery

Select the appropriate battery for specific applications

  • The battery that meets the OE requirement and external standards will last longer than an under-rated unit.
  • Battery replacement charts for all vehicle types and models are available and should be followed.

Physical fitment of the Battery in the Car

  • Footprint area of the battery and the car battery space should match.
  • Battery should be tightly fixed using the hold down clam.

Keep the engine and alternator well maintained

  • A poorly maintained engine generally induces greater under hood temperatures and higher vibration.
  • A charging system that provides 14 – 14.8 V (Average 14.4 volts) at all conditions will recharge the battery without damaging its internal components.
  • The Alternator belt should be tight and the carbon bush should not be in worn out condition.

Battery care during idle time

  • For prolong non use of battery it is advisable to remove the negative terminal cable of the battery.
  • Key off load should not be more than 35 milli Amps. It shows external loads other then the parasitic loads like clock, computer and alarms.
  • Battery terminals to be checked and tightened and the battery top should be maintained clean and dry. (Leakage voltage Neg Terminal-Battery Top < 0.5 volts)
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