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Premium Hybrid Batteries

Premium Hybrid Batteries

For Dry Charged batteries we provide “Hybrid Alloy technology”. Hybrid Alloy technology Batteries have very good Cycling ability and are also low maintenance. By good cycling ability we mean the charge acceptance after deep discharge is very good over repeated cycles, which is ideally suited for Gulf conditions because of the specific driving practice and life style. Low maintenance means that the batteries will not require frequent topping up of water as compared to conventional automotive batteries. The topping frequency will be reduced to 40% in Hybrid Technology batteries as compared to conventional Automotive battery.

  • Product designed conforming to IEC600095.
  • Lead Antimony Positive and Lead Calcium Negative, Hybrid system.
  • Con-cast calcium Negative grids.
  • Gravity cast calcium Positive grids.
  • Envelope UHMW, P.E separators.
  • Excellent Dry-charge characteristics can be stored in dry condition for over 2 years if stored in low Humidity area.


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